Go 1.20 is required to compile the media repo.

Note: The master branch of the media repo is potentially unstable! Be sure to check out a tagged release for safety.

The following can be run to compile your own binaries for matrix-media-repo:

git clone
cd matrix-media-repo

Once built, there should be binaries in ./bin ready for deployment.

To use the binaries, follow the instructions for running the downloaded binaries.

Windows users

./ won't work out of the box for you, likely complaining about pkg-config not being found. To fix this, follow the pkg-config setup instructions here and run the following:

git clone
cd vcpkg
.\vcpkg integrate install
.\vcpkg install libde265:x64-windows libde265:x86-windows
.\vcpkg install libheif:x64-windows libheif:x86-windows

You may need to update your PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include .\installed\x64-windows\lib\pkgconfig and .\installed\x86-windows\lib\pkgconfig from the vcpkg checkout.

You may also need to update your PATH to include .\installed\x64-windows\bin and .\installed\x86-windows\bin, again from the vcpkg checkout.

After that's all set up, reopen your terminal and run the build steps again.

Linux users

You will need libde265-dev and libheif-dev installed.